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Welcome to Shrimpy Trade 

Welcome to this exciting world of invertebrate keeping. We are a small dedicated team whose only aim is to make invert keeping fun, easier for every one.

Our Journey

We started shrimp keeping during 2008. And after many trials learnt how to keep them properly.
During our journey we have realized there is a shortage of quality products and quality shrimps/inverts in India. So we decided to form Shrimpy Trade to ensure people in our country have access to good quality shrimp/invert products along with live shrimps/inverts at affordable price.

Most of our shrimp/crayfish brood stock are from various champion breeder across the world.

We plan to make shrimp keeping easier for every one.

Shrimpy Keeping Simplified



Contact Us

Find us at
Address :
165/2, Main Road, Vinayak Nagar, Whitefield, Narayanappa Garden, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
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