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Feeding powdered food to shrimps

Hi All,

For baby juvenile shrimps, feeding them is a difficult task. Mostly they feed on the biofilm, micro-organisms in the tank. But now a days many dedicated baby shrimp food are available and they provide  most of the nutrition required by the baby shrimps during their growth stage.

However, most of the baby food are powdered and dropping them just in the tank isn't an ideal solution. Most of the time the food doesn't reach out to all of the babies.

So I have devised a small plan - mix the powder food with RO water or tank water and use syringe to disperse the food in the water column directly. This ensures that the powdered food becomes easily soluble and can be readily consumed by the small shrimps from water column.

Below are the things you would require -

1. A dedicate shrimp food for babies
2. A measuring spoon (most of the time it is available with the baby shrimp food)
3. A small bowl to mix the food with water
4. A disposable syringe

 Now add the powdered food into the bowl, with tank or RO water


Dose it according to your requirement


Stir it for 30 seconds-1 minute


Now fill up the syringe with the mixed food


Your liquid baby food is ready


Now dose it into your shrimp tank, I spray it all around the tank to ensure it reaches every where but for representation sprayed it in front of the juveniles



 You can mix 1-2 types of different food to prepare the solution.

Our Shrimp, Shipping Charges, FAQ

About Us
We are a team of 2 from India breeding various shrimps. My mentor/friend is breeding shrimps in India from last 8-10 years, and I have been in shrimp breeding from last 5 year.

Q1.How much are the shrimp?

Ans. Shrimp prices are defined on their quality and grade. Quality is proprtional to Price. For e.g. - A CRS mixed grade will cost lower than a CRS Hinomaru or Mosura. PRL/PBL pricing also dependent on the quality and grade.

Q2. Your shrimp prices are high!!

Ans. We will take it as a compliment, that means we are concentrating on quality. Some of the things we do for our shrimp -

a. All of our tanks even the quarantine ones are on 100% RO plus remineralizer.

b. They are feed on a varied diet. We use the best shrimp food available in the industry along with organic feeding.

c. Best in the industry trace elements are used.

Q3. Your shipping charges are high!!

Ans. The shipping charges from us include -

a. Styrofoam box. Styrofoam box insures temperature control inside the box. In summer to ship outside Bangalore we might include Ice Packs also.

b. Breather bags to ensure better survival rate of shrimps.

c. From our place to Bus/Train/Airport parcel booking center transport Charges. This charge is irrespective of how many boxes you ask for. Charge for one box and 6 box is same.

d. Parcel office booking charges. If you feel our parcel charges are high, we cant help much. We would appreciate if some one can pick it up from our place.We are also not involved in sending shrimps through postal or courier services within India. If any customer specifically ask for it, the RISK is entirely THEIR. We shouldn't be blamed later on.

Q4. Can my friends pick it up from your place at Bangalore?

Ans. Sure they are more than welcome. Picking up from our place saves lot of hassle in running around, and also time/money.

Q5. Do you ship outside Bangalore? Do you cover DOA?Ways to claim them?

Ans. Yes we do ship outside Bangalore and we cover DOA. However -
a. Sulawesi we dont cover DOA.

b. Neocaridina we also dont cover DOA if its more than 24 hours, as they are highly unpredicatble.

But if the shrimps died in any reason below, no DOA will be covered:
a. You picked up the parcel later. We can easily get this information as the arrival time is easy to get.

b. If the outer box is broken due to the miss-handling of the travel agency. Ideally it doesnt happen but keeping our Indian way of handling goods we will keep this point.

How to claim DOA

a. Click a picture, video of the shrimps without opening the plastic bag. Give us an indication or count of the number of shrimps died. We will refund the dead shrimps amount back. b. Do remember if you open the packet, drop your shrimps into the tank and then they die, we will not be responsible and no refund will be processed! However good or best your aquarium tank water quality is, once the shrimps gets inside the tank and if anything happen to them we are not at all responsible.

Thanks for going through all the points, hope it will help you to understand us better and also we can serve you better.

Setting Up a Dwarf Shrimp Tank


Hi All, today we will discuss with you how to setup a new shrimp tank -

The Tank Size - For our personal breeding we always prefer big tank size. The bigger the tank, the less fluctuations of water. Here we will be using a 30*18*18 tank which holds close to 160 liter of water.

Filter - Any tank size above 24 inches, we prefer double filtration. One - canister/hang on back and Second - a sponge filter. The first one is for better filtration and second one for more aeration.

Filter Media – A good selection of filter media is very important for a tank. It helps the beneficial bacteria to grow on. We prefer ADA Bio Rio, Seachem Matrix for our tanks.

Soil - We will be using ADA Amazonia 2 for this project. We have done every day 100% water change to remove the ammonia effect. ADA Amazonia is a very good active soil with amazing buffering capability.

Setting the tank  – We will evenly spread soil inside the tank, use a credit card to do this operation.
Once the soil is evenly spread – use ‘SL Aqua Magic Powder’.


Magic Powder is a bacterial agent and it helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria. This can help in effective growth of micro-organisms which results in better survival rate of shrimp babies.
You can use ‘magic powder’ also in a existing tank.
Later will spray magic powder on top of the soil and post that will cover the soil with 100% RO water.

Once the soil is covered with 100% RO water, will use ‘SL Aqua Purify’.


Purify helps in successful decomposing of the organic waste. Purify contains nitrifying bacteria that starts and supports the nitrification process within your aquarium.

The dosage of purify is – 20ml/gallon.

After this keep the setup for 24-48 hours and post that fill the tank with 100% RO water and switch on the filter.

After approx. 15 days do a 50% water change and use ‘SL-Aqua Blue Wizard’ or ‘Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH’ to get your desired GH.

You can introduce some fishes also to complete the cyclingAfter 15 more days remove the fishes and introduce your shrimps.After 15 more days remove the fishes and introduce your shrimps.

Chit Chat with Michael Nadal

Hi All, we got hold of Michael of Wirbellose & More for a quick chit chat session. Globally he is one of the reputed shrimp keeper, breeder. He has been a judge of various shrimp keeping competition and also visited several countries and studied their biotope. He is from Germany.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

Michael - Okay, I am 44 years old and 40 years in that I have been playing with tanks! LOL..

2. What about your family?

Michael - My family is the most important thing to me in the world. Me and my girlfriend are now 20 years together.

3 .When did you develop interest in shrimps?

Michael - I started the hobby with fish. In the past shrimps were only food for me, but then I saw some nice crayfish and then started with invertebrates. Along with shrimps I keep crayfish, snails etc.

4. What were the major difficulties you had encountered in the beginning? How is the situation now?

Michael - In the beginning I made the same mistakes like most other people do like wrong temp, wrong water, wrong food, wrong filter etc. These experiences have kept me growing.

5. What shrimps species/varieties you like most?

Michael - My favorites are all kind of tiger shrimps.

6. About the specific diets for shrimp, your thoughts on that?

Michael - I don't follow any specific diets for my shrimp. I feed them whatever I feel is good for them.

7.How important do you think supplement, water conditioner play a role in shrimp keeping?

Michael - Sure water conditioners are important, different types of shrimps need diff water parameters. And these can be achieved using the conditioners.

8. Tiger shrimps don't get so much of fan following as compared to their counterparts - crystal reds, crystal blacks and the tibees. Do you agree to it? If yes what could be the reason - your thoughts?

Michael - I personally don't think so, I think tiger shrimps have also many fans because many breeder use tiger shrimps for cross-breeding, so they are also very popular

9. Share your thoughts about taibee and taitaibee. How did they appear in the market?

Michael - normal tibee and taitibee are not so popular in the market, because most of them don't look so good. But the high grade tibee and taitibee are very interesting and also very nice, they have many fans.

10.You are one of the biggest global and reputed shrimp breeders, how did that happen?

Michael - I think the most important reason is hard work and luck... :-))

11. What could be the best tank size, substrate, filtration for a shrimp tank?

Michael - I think the best size should be in and around 40-50L,

Filter - I only use sponge filter,

Substrate – There are many types of good substrate available but I cannot say witch one is good or bad. I like to use normal river sand, but many other breeder use soil also.

12. What do you think could be the ideal stocking?

Michael - Ideal stocking for shrimps I think should be around 20-30 pcs

13. Share some information about your farm or setups.

Michael - My setup(s) are very easy. Its with sand, woods, moss. I like keeping things simple.

14. Apart from shrimps what other species do you like and keep?

Michael - All kind of invertebrates. Like crayfish, snails, crabs etc.

15. What is your future planning?

Michael - As of now I don't have any plans for the future, the most important thing is that you should have fun with what you do.

16. What will be your message for Indian shrimp hobbyists? And have you kept any Indian shrimps?

Michael - My message for Indian shrimp hobbyists is to look into your own rivers, you have so many nice native shrimps in India. You don't need shrimps from Europe or Asia, but I know other shrimps from other countries are always more interesting than native shrimps, but if I be any time in India I will look in every river :)

I have many diff types of Indian shrimps, like green, malaya, zebra etc.

Thank you so much Micha for sharing your time with us.

Some of Michael Shrimps -





Chit Chat Session with Silane Dilwyn Tng

Hi All, we got a chance to ask some questions to Silane Dilwyn Tng of Silane Shrimp, and he answered them. Globally he is one of the reputed shrimp keepers, and seller. He has been a judge of various shrimp keeping competitions and almost a household name in Asian & Global Shrimp keeping Industry. He has accompanied Chris Lukhaup to his various expeditions and studied shrimp habitats. Currently he is based at Taiwan.
1. Tell us something about yourself.
Silane – I was an electronics engineer until I got into the shrimp hobby, which turned part time when I got into programming job and later full time into shrimps.
2. What about your family?
Silane – I am married with caring and understanding wife who let me turn my shrimp hobby into a career. We have a son who is 9 years old.
3 .When did you develop interest in shrimps?

Silane – After finishing my overseas study due to which I had
a gap of 10 years from this hobby I came back to aquascaping, I remembered that the first shrimp used as cleaning crew was Yamato. And later, we got pink shrimps, Cherry Shrimp in Singapore market, I bought some to go with my planted tank. They did not do well because of the high level of CO2, later I chose to go with the path of focusing on shrimp tank with little plant.



4. What were the major difficulties you had encountered in the beginning? How is the situation now?

Silane - The lack of products that can be used with shrimps was the biggest problem, but it also let me have a clear understanding of the water, bacteria, additive and accessories for shrimps. For example, I had to use neutral quartz as gravel, as there was no good soil for shrimp, and had to lower ph and GH/kH of tap water so as to work with gravel. And also I had to experiment of which type of bacteria that work best for shrimps.
5. What shrimps species/varieties you like most?
Silane – I think I like all shrimps, except F1 or F2 hybrid which lack of characteristic patterns.
6. About the specific diets for shrimp, your thoughts on that?
Silane – I think shrimp do well on biofilm and that’s the natural food of shrimp in the wild. However, about biofilm for that given surface area and the density of our shrimp tank, the amount is not enough for shrimps and tablet food has to be given. On the whole, if one can produce biofood in tank for shrimps, they are the best.
One can see in a new tank or tank with few shrimps, shrimps are not attracted by tablet food as there is enough bioflim in the tank, this shows that shrimps prefer the biofilm in tank over tablet food.
If one wants to feed, powdered food or flake is next best to biofood, as shrimps do not need to fight for food and less stress for them. This is a more natural way of feeding. The density of shrimps in nature do not make them to fight over a piece of solid food.

7.How important do you think supplements play a role in shrimp keeping?

Silane – The supplements are needed only when tank is dense with shrimps, making them grow faster, cleaning nitrogenous waste and increase immunity.
I would dose when a tank is needed, for example I use BT-9 when the tank is new and after 6 months when plants start growing well and taking over the job of clearing the nitrogenous waste, I would reduce use of BT-9.
I will use Shrimp Tonic Pro for some species that are less hardy or shrimps I know they will have to travel a long distance in 1 months time. Shrimp Tonic Pro increase the immunity of shrimps.
If shrimps are growing in number and I see that they are not growing in sizes as expected even though I feed them a lot, I would encourage the growth of rich water by dosing Mosura Richwater.

8. Tiger shrimps don’t get so much of fanfare as compared to their counterparts – crystal reds, crystal blacks and the tibees. Do you agree to it? If yes, what could be the reason – your thoughts?

Silane – In Asia, I think the general shrimp keeping methods are more tuned to crystal red and its family. The bred form of tigers shrimp which originated in Germany are kept in higher pH (about 7.5) but in Asia, they are kept in lower 6 and should be the reason of not doing well and result in poor popularity.
9. Share your thoughts about taibee and taitaibee. How did they appear in the market?
Silane – Tibee appear before the appearance of Taiwan bee. I tried cross breeding of tiger shrimps and CRS before the appearing Taiwan bee, they are not interesting to my opinion and to others they are not interesting too as at that time Red Bee shrimp/CRS was in trend.

Taitibee appears when taiwan bee was in abandon and people want to create something new. And use of Taiwan bee to cross with tiger shrimps, and the end result is pinto alike shrimps.

10.We know that rili and yellow kingkong shrimp you have introduced into the hobby, which other shrimps you have introduced? And how did you discover these new species?

Silane – King Kong and Blue Bolt were introduced by me too, during an Invertebrate Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany in 2009. The term Bolt was introduced by me for snow genes influenced shrimps.

King Kong and Blue Bolt was as natural occurrence in the tanks.
Rili was through selective breeding

And Yellow KK was through cross breeding




11. Silane Shrimp is now possibly one of the biggest and reputed name in global shrimp domain. How did it happen?

Silane – It took me many years of work and commitment, not only in breeding shrimps but also promoting shrimps (hold talks) and also understanding shrimps (field works)
12. Share some information about your farms.

Silane – I have just closed down my farm in Singapore, as the lease of farm land with the government has ended.  I have co-own farm in China and Taiwan. And now I am an occupant in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park where I have my own farm setting up in progress.

13. Other than shrimps which other species you like and keep.

Silane – Just shrimps for now, I would like to keep all kinds of small size fish soon.

14. What is your future planning?

Silane – Marine, I would like to go into marine fish breeding beside shrimps.

15. What is your message for Indian shrimp hobbyists? And have you kept any Indian shrimps?

Silane – There are many nice species of Indian originated shrimps, I would like to see Indian shrimp hobbyists take effort to refine them.  Yes, I keep Caridina Babaulti Green and Zebra before. I really like the Green, I hope I can get hold of them soon, I would like to do selective breeding on producing the “greenest” shrimp on earth.

Thank you so much Silane for sharing your time & knowledge with us.

Some of Silane Shrimps –

Kingkong, Blue bolt

Blue Panda






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