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Setting Up a Dwarf Shrimp Tank


Hi All, today we will discuss with you how to setup a new shrimp tank -

The Tank Size - For our personal breeding we always prefer big tank size. The bigger the tank, the less fluctuations of water. Here we will be using a 30*18*18 tank which holds close to 160 liter of water.

Filter - Any tank size above 24 inches, we prefer double filtration. One - canister/hang on back and Second - a sponge filter. The first one is for better filtration and second one for more aeration.

Filter Media – A good selection of filter media is very important for a tank. It helps the beneficial bacteria to grow on. We prefer ADA Bio Rio, Seachem Matrix for our tanks.

Soil - We will be using ADA Amazonia 2 for this project. We have done every day 100% water change to remove the ammonia effect. ADA Amazonia is a very good active soil with amazing buffering capability.

Setting the tank  – We will evenly spread soil inside the tank, use a credit card to do this operation.
Once the soil is evenly spread – use ‘SL Aqua Magic Powder’.


Magic Powder is a bacterial agent and it helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria. This can help in effective growth of micro-organisms which results in better survival rate of shrimp babies.
You can use ‘magic powder’ also in a existing tank.
Later will spray magic powder on top of the soil and post that will cover the soil with 100% RO water.

Once the soil is covered with 100% RO water, will use ‘SL Aqua Purify’.


Purify helps in successful decomposing of the organic waste. Purify contains nitrifying bacteria that starts and supports the nitrification process within your aquarium.

The dosage of purify is – 20ml/gallon.

After this keep the setup for 24-48 hours and post that fill the tank with 100% RO water and switch on the filter.

After approx. 15 days do a 50% water change and use ‘SL-Aqua Blue Wizard’ or ‘Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp GH’ to get your desired GH.

You can introduce some fishes also to complete the cyclingAfter 15 more days remove the fishes and introduce your shrimps.After 15 more days remove the fishes and introduce your shrimps.

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