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Our Shrimp, Shipping Charges, FAQ

About Us
We are a team of 2 from India breeding various shrimps. My mentor/friend is breeding shrimps in India from last 8-10 years, and I have been in shrimp breeding from last 5 year.

Q1.How much are the shrimp?

Ans. Shrimp prices are defined on their quality and grade. Quality is proprtional to Price. For e.g. - A CRS mixed grade will cost lower than a CRS Hinomaru or Mosura. PRL/PBL pricing also dependent on the quality and grade.

Q2. Your shrimp prices are high!!

Ans. We will take it as a compliment, that means we are concentrating on quality. Some of the things we do for our shrimp -

a. All of our tanks even the quarantine ones are on 100% RO plus remineralizer.

b. They are feed on a varied diet. We use the best shrimp food available in the industry along with organic feeding.

c. Best in the industry trace elements are used.

Q3. Your shipping charges are high!!

Ans. The shipping charges from us include -

a. Styrofoam box. Styrofoam box insures temperature control inside the box. In summer to ship outside Bangalore we might include Ice Packs also.

b. Breather bags to ensure better survival rate of shrimps.

c. From our place to Bus/Train/Airport parcel booking center transport Charges. This charge is irrespective of how many boxes you ask for. Charge for one box and 6 box is same.

d. Parcel office booking charges. If you feel our parcel charges are high, we cant help much. We would appreciate if some one can pick it up from our place.We are also not involved in sending shrimps through postal or courier services within India. If any customer specifically ask for it, the RISK is entirely THEIR. We shouldn't be blamed later on.

Q4. Can my friends pick it up from your place at Bangalore?

Ans. Sure they are more than welcome. Picking up from our place saves lot of hassle in running around, and also time/money.

Q5. Do you ship outside Bangalore? Do you cover DOA?Ways to claim them?

Ans. Yes we do ship outside Bangalore and we cover DOA. However -
a. Sulawesi we dont cover DOA.

b. Neocaridina we also dont cover DOA if its more than 24 hours, as they are highly unpredicatble.

But if the shrimps died in any reason below, no DOA will be covered:
a. You picked up the parcel later. We can easily get this information as the arrival time is easy to get.

b. If the outer box is broken due to the miss-handling of the travel agency. Ideally it doesnt happen but keeping our Indian way of handling goods we will keep this point.

How to claim DOA

a. Click a picture, video of the shrimps without opening the plastic bag. Give us an indication or count of the number of shrimps died. We will refund the dead shrimps amount back. b. Do remember if you open the packet, drop your shrimps into the tank and then they die, we will not be responsible and no refund will be processed! However good or best your aquarium tank water quality is, once the shrimps gets inside the tank and if anything happen to them we are not at all responsible.

Thanks for going through all the points, hope it will help you to understand us better and also we can serve you better.

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