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Feeding powdered food to shrimps

Hi All,

For baby juvenile shrimps, feeding them is a difficult task. Mostly they feed on the biofilm, micro-organisms in the tank. But now a days many dedicated baby shrimp food are available and they provide  most of the nutrition required by the baby shrimps during their growth stage.

However, most of the baby food are powdered and dropping them just in the tank isn't an ideal solution. Most of the time the food doesn't reach out to all of the babies.

So I have devised a small plan - mix the powder food with RO water or tank water and use syringe to disperse the food in the water column directly. This ensures that the powdered food becomes easily soluble and can be readily consumed by the small shrimps from water column.

Below are the things you would require -

1. A dedicate shrimp food for babies
2. A measuring spoon (most of the time it is available with the baby shrimp food)
3. A small bowl to mix the food with water
4. A disposable syringe

 Now add the powdered food into the bowl, with tank or RO water


Dose it according to your requirement


Stir it for 30 seconds-1 minute


Now fill up the syringe with the mixed food


Your liquid baby food is ready


Now dose it into your shrimp tank, I spray it all around the tank to ensure it reaches every where but for representation sprayed it in front of the juveniles



 You can mix 1-2 types of different food to prepare the solution.

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